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About Us

The Gold Standard of Foosball Tables

Founded in 1970, Tornado is the leading manufacturer of high quality, tournament style foosball tables in the world. We provide genuine, quality foosball tables to serious and recreational players alike. Over the decades, Tornado has manufactured several different models, including patented designs that are still used today.

Elite Play

From home models to the tables that professionally ranked foosball players compete on, Tornado tables hold their value and have proven beyond any doubt that they are the gold standard for foosball tables.

As an official table of the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation), Tornado is considered the top playing table in the world according to the majority of international foosball players.

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About Valley-Dynamo

Valley-Dynamo manufactures table games commonly found throughout bars and homes across 6 continents out of a 163,000-square-foot facility in Richland Hills, Texas, USA. Starting with Valley billiards in 1945, the company has since expanded to include Champion Shuffleboard, Connelly Billiards, Dynamo air hockey, Tornado foosball, and Sun-Glo shuffleboard accessories.

When you purchase a Valley-Dynamo family game table, you can be sure your product is made in America, crafted with excellence.

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